21st Birthday Gifts For Her

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  • 21st Birthday Gift...


    It's her 21st birthday, and you want her 21st birthday gift to be special. Give her a caricature for keepsake that she can look back over the years and recall the day she turned 21.

    All the artist needs is a good photo* to create a caricature of her. This caricature is drawn from waist -up, on a plain background with 1 prop* per person. You can choose to have a one, two or three person caricature.

    This 21st birthday gift caricature is drawn in pencil and oil paints using a dry brush technique on a premium uncoated, bright white 135gsm paper.

    Black and white caricatures usually take 7-10 days to complete....

  • Scarf- Pompom 3 Row


    These pompom scarfs are just what you need for winter. With 3 rows of pompoms, the scarf keeps you nice and snug and help you stay warm.

    The scarfs are made of Rex Rabbit Fur, these scarves come in Red, Brown, Navy Blue. 

    Scarf Measurement: length 65cm, width 12cm

  • Buffalo Leather Jewellery...


    This buffalo leather jewellery box is one of a kind. You won't find many jewellery boxes made with so much care. Made of genuine buffalo leather, it is beautifully handcrafted using traditional stitching methods. The buffalo leather jewellery box is stacked 6 racks high with side handles. 

    Buffalo leather varies from animal to animal, as such, each jewellery box is unique. The scars and marks are the story of your piece. Buffalo leather is extremely durable and is flame resistant. It will not burn readily, which makes it a great storage box for all your precious jewellery! If you're looking for a great gift this is it!...

  • A6 Leather Journal


    These Stylish Leather Journals come in many bright and happy colours, to keep your day looking great! Fantastic as a travel journal to write down all you see in your travels. Also useful to keep in your bag to jot down all your great ideas.

    Gift Suggestion: Ideal as a 1st anniversary gift. Paper is a traditional gift for a 1st year anniversary. Paper is symbolic of the fragility of the marriage bond in the 1st year of marriage, as the couple would not have experienced the trials of life together as a couple.

  • Believe by Britney Spears...


    Britney Spear's new fragrance is described as a blend of exotic fruits, soft floral and amber with a top-note of guava pulp and golden tangerine. Like its name, the alluring scent of this fragrance makes you believe anything is possible. Comes in a striking and beautiful tinted diamond-shaped bottle. Fragrance notes include: Linden Blossom, Tangerine, Honeysuckle, Amber, Pr...

  • Black Jewellery Box with...


    A black jewellery box with an unusual design on the outside and beautifully finished on the inside with classic velvet lining and a mirror attached to the inside of the lid. The top compartment has ring slots and six small compartments, and the bottom drawer provides four larger compartments for larger pieces of jewellery. With multiple compartments, you can organise all your jewellery so it's easy to find what you're looking for. The jewellery box has plenty of storage if you have lots of jewellery; it is elegant, with a piano finish and will look great on the dresser. 

    Jewellery in image not included.

    Dimensions: 300 x 205 x 130mm

    Gift suggestions: A great birthday or anniversary gift for her.

  • Kangaroo Leather Lipstick Case


    This Black Kangaroo Leather lipstick and vanity case is useful for any woman to keep those important little items together. There is plenty of room inside for at least two lipstick, and the case also has a mirror with a handy size of 5.5 x 3.0cm - a good size mirror for putting on your lippy when you need to touch up on the go.

    Dimensions: 8.5 x 6.5 x 4.0cm

  • Black Kangaroo Passport Holder


    This Black Kangaroo Passport holder is a great gift for the frequent traveller. Handy for keeping all your travel documents in one place.The holder is made of kangaroo leather.Kangaroo leather is light and soft but is incredibly strong and durable. Its tight fibre structure makes it two to three times more durable than ordinary leathers....

  • Bracelet Rain Drops Red Coral


    This elegant Red Coral bracelet, is a stunning accessory to dress up most any outfit. Found in the mediteranian and adjacent parts of the carribean, Red Coral is a hard yet delicately beautiful resource used by jewlers for the stunning creation of red coral jewelry. Spoil yourself or someone else, with beautiful Red Coral

  • Bracelet Red Coral Oval...


    This beautiful bracelet made of red coral is simple, yet elegant.

  • Buffalo Leather CD Box


    This beautifully crafted buffalo leather storage box is a great gift for a music lover with lots and lots of CDs. Each buffalo leather box is individually handmade using traditional stitching methods.

    Buffalo leather is tough and durable. The handstitching is to be admire as each leather box is painstakingly crafted to perfection. Each buffalo leather CD box is unique with variations in colour and markings on the leather.....

  • Buffalo Leather Jewellery...


    A beautiful buffalo leather jewellery box made of genuine buffalo leather. Each of these buffalo leather jewellery boxes are handmade using traditional handstitching methods which is what makes it so special. With multiple compartments on top and a drawer below, there is plenty of room for your jewellery. Buffalo leather is strong and durable.

    Leather is traditionally a third year wedding anniversary gift and this leather jewellery box would be just perfect....