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Choose from a range of kids toys that will fire the imagination like the Fire Engine Speedster Ride-On. Or if they like music, how about the Fairy or Pirate Musical Instrument Toy Set?

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  • Large Thorny Devil


    This large thorny devil soft toy is a great first birthday gift to help develop touch, feel and dexterity. Made in bright and bold colours, that kids will love and with lots of extensions, the child can learn to hold or grip this soft toy and start to develop a sense of things around them at this early age.

    This thorny devil soft toy is made by BAREFOOT under the Fair Trade Scheme. Under the Fair Trade Scheme, these soft toys are painstakingly made one at a time and provide a means for those who are less fortunate to earn an honest day's wage to support their families and children. By buying this soft toy, you are supporting a community who is less fortunate and helping them earn a living.

    Each soft toy is unique and the colours vary from piece to piece.

    Dimensions: 18cm

    Gift suggestion: A great first birthday gift.


  • Music Toy Set - Pirate

    Music is a great way to develop coordibnation and fine motor skills in young children. This music toy set has a tambourine, harmonica and two shakers or maracas. The kids will enjoy creating music and dancing to the rhythm of their own beat. With
  • Music Toy Set - Fairy

    Music is a great way to develop coordination and fine motor skills in young children.This musical instrument toy set made up of a tambourine, and a couple of shakers or maracas will develop your child's musical talents from a young age. This is an
  • Kids Toy Shape Sorter -...

    Get a kids toy that's educational. It's never too young to teach them how to recognise shapes and sort them. This fire truck kids toy is ideal to develop fine motor skills. Kids are fascinated by fire trucks so this shape sorter kids toy will be a
  • Kids Toy Zoo Puzzle

    This kids toy zoo set is both fun and educational. With wooden animals and also a puzzle to put together, they will learn about animals while also learning to fit different shapes together to make the big picture. The puzzle and animals are contained
  • Kids Toy Drum

    This kids toy drum will provide hours of entertainment, apart from developing their coordination and motor skills. It may be a kids toy but they will soon learn to coordinate and march like a soldier and play to the beat of their drum. This kids toy
  • Noah's Ark Educational Toy


    Teach your children all about Noah's Ark in the Bible stories. They are never to learn to listen to the fascinating stories in the Bible This wooden Noah's Ark toy comes with Noah & his wife. And 14 Animals in pairs - Zebra, Giraffe, Elephant, Tiger, Alligator, Monkey and Doves.
    Made with Bamboo and Ply Top with Bamboo Roof.

    Dimensions: 640 x 260 x 325mm

    Gift suggestion: A great educational toy for young children 36m+

  • Little Boys Multi Level Car...

    This little boys toy multi level car park which will provide hours of fun for your little boy. Just like in real life when dad drives up and down the ramp of a multi level car park looking for a parking spot, your litle boy can do the same with this
  • Toddler Birthday Gift Toy...

    Kids love the zoo, and a day out at the zoo opens them up to a whole new world. With monkeys, lions, giraffes, elephants and more, every child will be fascinated. Make it a memorable trip and enhance their learning after their trip to the zoo with
  • Toddler Birthday Gift Cat...

    A birthday gift for your toddler who is just getting up on his own two feet. This cute cat pullalong will be great fun. This toddler gift is ideal for encouraging development of balance and co-ordination skills. Painted with non toxic paint-compliant
  • Noah's Ark Balance Toy

    This toy is great for a child around three years old. Designed with the Noah's Ark concept, it is ideal for developing hand to eye coordination skills as your little one learns the art of balancing objects. Also a great way to learn about different
  • Little Boys Tool Belt Set

    This little boy's toy tool belt set is just like dad's. A play saw, spanner, chisel and hammer in a belt your little boy can learn to be a handy man. The set even has bolts and screws and a belt pocket just like a real tradie.