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A good wine dances around the tongue and the exceptional taste lingers sweetly. The inspired wine lover can never get enough of it.

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  • Wine Hamper- Trio


    This wine hamper with a bottle of red, white and sparkling wine is the perfect way to say happy birthday, thank you, congratulations or well done!

    This wine hamper includes:

    • Chandon 750ml
    • D'Arenberg The Footbolt Shiraz 750ml, McLaren Vale
    • Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc 750ml, Marlborough NZ
    • Chocolatier Pure Indulgence Mini Treat Box Milk & Dark Chocolate Assortment 40g

    Presented in a gift box finished with ribbon, tissue and gift card. Type your gift message and choose your card below.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a wine lover.

  • Wine Hamper -St Hugo...


    A wine from the region of Barossa Valley reknown for its dark berry fruits- blackberry and raspberry, with clove and sandalwood notes. Earth, fruit and power. A melt of tannin. Sweet with honeyed overtones and very easy to drink.

    This Super Premium Shiraz is what the Barossa Valley is all about. Powerful aromas of chocolate and plum combine beautifully with flavours of rich dark berries and spice. St Hugo Shiraz will improve with a minimum of 7 years cellaring.

    Ths wine hamper includes:

    • St Hugo Shiraz 750mls
    • Cuvee Chocolate Grand Cru 75% Dark Chocolate 70g
    • Presented in a gift box finished with ribbon, tissue and gift card. Type your gift message below.

    Gift suggestion: For the wine lover who enjoys a good red.

  • Wine Premier Set - VinOAir


    Made for the wine connoisseur, the Nicholas Collection VinOair Premier is your portable, all in one solution to your wine needs.

    Both a wine aerator and non drop pourer in one, it features leading venturi aerators to fully oxygenate your wine and unlock premium flavours and aromas. Simply place the vinOair on the mouth of a bottle and effortlessly pour a glass with no drips or stains. The compact packaging and travel case allows you to enjoy excellent wine wherever you go. Also includes a removable sediment filter and gravity activated hinged cap.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a wine lover.

  • Wine Connoisseur Collection


    The Nicholas Wine Connoisseur Collection by Cork Pops features everything a wine lover could want for opening corked wines. The best selling Cork Pops legacy bottle opener (with extra refill) and the VinOair Wine Aerator are both included in the set. The opener isn’t just an ordinary wine opener! The genius design allows you to easily remove the foil with the built in foil cutter. Simply insert the needle straight through the cork, press once and the cork safely pops out! The patented cork ejector and redesigned, easy to grip rubber finish make opening wine as easy as it should be.

    And the wine connoisseur would also want to aerate his wine as he knows proper aeration of wine is a vital step of pouring the perfect glass of wine.To minimise splashes and stains that come from pouring without an aerator, the Nicholas VinOair Aerator is the solution. Simply place the aerator onto the mouth of the wine bottle and pour as normal, creating perfectly oxygenated wine in seconds. Works with both red and white wines and comes in a handy portable size.

    Filter not included but is available for purchase separately.

    Gift suggestion: The perfect present for the wine lover.

  • Wine Vinostream


    Wine lovers will this device amazing. The fastest and easiest way to aerate wine, the Nicholas Wine VinoStream by Cork Pops is an aerator and dispenser in one single  device. The soft rubber seal creates an air tight seal, allowing it to be left on open wine bottles throughout the night. To use, simply insert the tube into the hole on the bottom of the stopper, insert the VinoStream into the bottle and place the Cork Pops air cartridge in the top firmly. Then, dispensing the perfect glass of wine is as easy as pressing down on the cartridge. Hand washing recommended.

    How to Use:

    To use, simply insert the tube into the hole on the on the bottom of the stopper, insert the VinoStream into the bottle and place the Cork Pops air cartridge in the top firmly. Then, dispensing the perfect glass is as easy as pressing down on the cartridge.

    Gift suggestion: An amazing device for wine lovers for their bar.

  • Wine Preserver Set - Zzysh


    A wine connoisseur will appreciate this innovation in wine preserving. This Zzysh wine preserver effectively keeps your wine from oxidising and helps to retain its natural flavour and quality for weeks on end. "The wine life preserver" is an ideal gift for the wine lover.

    Using a range of innovative technology, the Zzysh Argon Wine Preserver works by injecting 100% food safe argon gas into the bottle and removing oxygen. Enveloped by the argon gas and shielded by the innovative Zzysh® Wine Stopper, the wine stays perfectly protected for weeks. As argon is heavier than the replaced air and has no reaction with the wine, the bottle’s aroma, flavour, colour and quality are effectively preserved, meaning you can enjoy your favourite bottle by the glass.

    How to use:

    1. After pouring, seal the opened bottle with the Zzysh® Wine Stopper which features an innovative sealing technology, specially designed to work with nearly all types of wine bottles.

    2. Connect the hand piece to the Zzysh® stopper and press down for 3-5 seconds before releasing. The bottle’s oxygen is now replaced with 100% food-grade argon gas. Each cartridge can preserve up to eight opened wine bottles.

    3. Your wine is perfectly protected and should be stored upright, preferably in a refrigerator. Aroma, flavor, color and quality will be preserved for weeks. Enjoy the rest of the bottle whenever you want. Again and again.

    Gift suggestion: An ideal gift for the wine lover.

  • Wine Finer Flat Top


    This Nuance Wine Finer is the 4 in 1 wine accessory every wine lover needs. An aerator, filter, stopper and pourer all in one. Unlike traditional aerators, the Fine Winer only requires one hand to use and can decant a full bottle of wine in just 30 seconds. To use, just insert into the bottle and pour. As the aerator works, it's magic, whilst filtering out cork, sediment and tartaric acid, too. The double lip construction prevents drips and the fitted lid helps keep the wine fresh for your next occasion.

    Gift suggestion: A gift the wine lover will appreciate.

  • Wine Chiller VinOice


    This clever two-in-one pourer and chiller makes serving wine at its ideal temperature no fuss. At least two hours before serving, place the VinOice in the freezer and your wine in the refrigerator or on ice. When it's show time, pour yourself the first chilled glass and simply place the frozen stainless steel rod into the bottle. The sleek hinged cap opens with gravity as you tilt the bottle, allowing you to pour a perfectly prepped glass of wine without unsightly drips or dribbles down the bottle's side.

    So whether you're craving a crisp glass of Pinot Grigio or cellar temperature Cabernet, this two-in-one pourer and chiller makes serving wine at its ideal temperature clever, classy, and undeniably cool.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for the wine connoisseur.

  • Wine Carrier -Buffalo...


    This buffalo leather single wine carrier is useful for carrying a single bottle of wine to dinner parties or to a BYO restaurant.

    Available in a dark shade with ostentatious, polished texture of leather and a firm base, it presents as a smart gift. The handle of this wine holder has a rather classy and vivid touch to customise corporate gifts.

    This single wine carrier is made of genuine buffalo leather and is beautifully handmade and handstitched using traditional handstitching methods. Buffalo leather is tough and durable.

    Note: Wine not included.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a wine lover.

  • Wine Carrier - Cow Leather...


    A wine carrier that makes sure your wine arrives safely with you. No more breakages as this wine carrier will see to that. Made of genuine cow leather, the wine carrier has a beautiful suede finish and is beautifully crafted with double strap and buckle closures.

    Dimensions: 38cm H x 22cm W x 10cm D

    Note: Wine not included.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a wine lover. Also a great 3rd wedding anniversary gift as leather is flexible yet strong and lasting, symbolic of the enduring marriage bond of 3 years.

  • Wine Cooler Bag-with Pouch


    This cooler bag is spacious and there is plenty of room for your cold drinks and any accessories.

    If you’ve filled it with wine, lemonade, or sandwiches the Australian Cooler Bag can keep your drinks cool for up to 24 hours with the help of an ice pack. If you’d rather a warm lunch, it’ll also keep your baked potatoes, chicken, or snags warm. Just leave out the ice pack!

    Insulated with 100% Australian wool, this weatherproof oilskin bag remains soft and flexible, and lacks the bulk of an eski, saving you precious boot space. It’s also easier to carry with its comfortable leather handles.

    The single, spacious compartment has room for six large bottles and up to twelve stubbies or cans. It closes with Velcro to seal in the cold air. The expandable bellows pocket has room for any picnicking essentials, such as plates, bottle openers, glasses and corkscrews.


    • Durable and waterproof oilskin keeps the rain out and makes it easier to clean internal spills.
    • Insulated with 100% Australian wool to keep your drinks cool for up to 24 hours.
    • Fits up to six large bottles and twelve cans or stubbies.
    • Easy to carry with a tough leather handle.
    • Velcro closure seals in the cold.
    • Expandable external pocket to keep your accessories.
    • Soft design lacks the bulk of an eski.

    Dimensions: 18 × 29 × 42 cm

    Gift suggestion: A great gift as a wine cooler or food warmer carrier.

  • Wine Gift with Towel -...


    This wine gift is a great way to say hello. Send your greetings with a bar towel that says "Hello bubbles, goodbye troubles" along with a bottle of wine to convey your best wishes for the happy occasion. You can choose his or her favourite bottle of red or white wine.

    After the wine is consumed, the bar towel is still there to remind them of you each time it is used. The towel is perfect for cleaning glass as it is lint free. The towel features a sewn-in hanging loop on the corner of the towel, and is made from 100% cotton.

    This gift includes:

    - a bottle of red or white wine* (varies according to availability). 
    - a bar towel
    - gift wrapping and a gift card. Type your gift message below.

    FREE delivery within Australia.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for the wine lover.

    *Wine in the image is for illustration only.