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  • Model Red Baron Triplane...


    This model is a beautiful replica of the famous Red Baron Triplane German fighter plane. The model is made of tin and is handmade. With its historical significance, the Red Baron Triplane is a great gift for a plane enthusiast and anyone with a particular interest in World War 1 Aviation history.

    Dimensions: 37.5x35x16cm

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for model plane collectors and people with an interest in Wolrd War 1 Aviation history. Also a great home decor.

  • Model Tiger Moth Biplane


    This model will easily appeal to Tiger Moth enthusiasts. The model represents the iconic 1930s Tiger Moth Model Biplane. This Tiger Moth Model Plane is handmade from metal and has moving wheels and a propeller. The plane is beautifully constructed, with its body handpainted red. It is certainly a gorgeous model of the real Tiger Moth.

    The Tiger Moth was operated by the Royal Air Force and this aircraft remained in service with the Royal Air Force until 1952. Other countries also used the Tiger Moth Plane in the military and in civil operations. Today, the Tiger Moth is used as a recreational aerobatic aircraft and also for training, particularly for pilots wanting to gain experience.

    This Tiger Moth Model Biplane/Airplane model is a great gift for a Tiger Moth enthusiast or a collector of model warplanes. The model aircraft would make a great decorative piece for a study or a boy's room.

    Wing span - 50cm
    Length - 42cm
    Height - 18.5cm

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a plane enthusiast or someone with an interest in aviation history.

  • Nostalgic Sign - Sopwith...


    A nostalgic Tin Sign - Sopwith Camel Plane to add to the collection of nostalgic memories. Perfect for your home decor.

    Dimensions: 317mm x 405mm

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for the collector of all things from yesteryears.

  • Curtis Jenny Model Biplane


    This biplane model aircraft was built by the Curtis Aeroplane company, the name Jenny came about from the two letter designation JN assigned to the plane. Jenny played a large role in American Aviation after the first world war and was originally designed as a trainer plane. This airplane model is a great representation of this historic biplane. 

    Dimensions: Wingspan 43cm x length 38cm x height 18cm

    Material: Metal

    Gift suggestion: With moveable wheels and propeller this model is a great gift idea for aviation enthusiasts and lovers of vintage airplane models as a stunning piece for your home decor. 

  • Model Blue and White Tiger...


    This Blue and white Tiger Moth model is a stunning replica of the early aircrafts that flew our skies. Its historical significance and vintage/retro visual appeal makes it a fascinating display piece. A great gift idea for aviation enthusiasts. Handmade and handpainted individually. Each piece is unique and may vary slightly. Made of tin.

    Dimensions: 42cm x 50cm x 18.5cm
    Weight: 2.4kg

    Gift suggestion: A lovely gift for the plane enthusiast.

  • Queensland Avro 504 Model...


    This Queensland Avro 504 Model Biplane is a stunning replica and testament to the achievements of early aviation, it also serves as a reminder of how far aviation has come. This stunning model plane is a great gift idea for aviation enthusiasts.

    Dimension: 42cm L x 50cm W x 16cm H
    Weight: 1.84kg

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for an aviation enthusiast.

  • 1941 Spitfire Plane Model


    The 1941 Spitfire aircraft was a major single seat fighter aircraft on the front line of the British Airforce throughout World War 2. It was used by allied countries during the world war as well. This stunning model is a great representation of this historic and iconic plane. This plane model is a great gift idea for aviation enthusiasts and lovers of vintage aircraft models and historical World War 2 models. Individually handmade and handpainted.

    Dimensions: 33.5cm x 30.5cm x 12.5cm
    Made of tin.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for an aviation enthusiast.

  • Model Red Baron Plane...


    This Red Baron shelf is modelled on the front end of the Red Baron airplane used in World War 1. The model shelf would look absolutely gorgeous in a kid’s bedroom especially if he loves airplanes and airplane models.

    For those who don’t know the history, the Red Baron who was actually Baron Manfred von Richthofen, who used to fly in a blazing red airplane shooting down enemy planes in the war. He became a war hero and legend because of this achievements with 80 credited victories in the air.

    Dimensions: H 92 X W 230 X D 50cm

    230cm Wingspan

    Note: Many items are handmade and measurements may vary slightly from actual.

    Please note: This item is only available VIC, NSW, SA, Metro Perth and Metro Brisbane. 

    Gift suggestion: A gorgeous gift for a little boy. It would look fabulous in his bedroom.

  • Mustang Model Airplane with...

    This World War 2 Mustang plane with shark teeth model is an excellent replica and reminder of the planes that flew and fought for the airforce back during World War 2. This stunning and historical model is the perfect gift for someone with an