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  • Canvas Print - Music Men


    A lovely Canvas Print, ready to hang in the home.

    Dimensions: 500mm x 600mm.

    About the Art:
    Bold Bright, at times quite brash. Always fun, never serious, entirely funky. Andy the artist has taken his artistic talents, mixed them together, transformed them, adapted them a little, so and so, and come up with a range of styles bound to at least smirk the viewer. Completely self-taught, he is a full time artist working from his Queensland based studio in Nobby Beach on the Gold Coast. If not at the canvas creating, he is spending time with his young family.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a music lover.

  • Model Melbourne Tram - CD...


    A stunning model of the old Melbourne Tram made to resemble the real thing. The model is handmade and captures the fine detail of the old Melbourne Tram. Anyone who has ever visited Melbourne and been on a ride on one of these old trams would love this gift as a souvenir of their visit. You only have to look at this model to bring back those feelings of nostalgia.

    The model is a functional CD holder. Keep all your old favourites in this old favourite! This Melbourne Tram Model CD Holder will hold all your precious CDs of yesteryears. The roof of the tram opens up to reveal slots inside the tram to slot in your CDs for easy selection.

    Melbourne  is characterised by its art, gardens, fashion and iconic culture and old character and history. As one of the few cities in the world where trams still run, the tram (and this W Class model in particular) have become synonymous with the image of Melbourne. This classic Melbourne tram CD holder measures to 85cm and is made of tin. Its iconic painting and vintage style make it a unique gift.

    Dimensions: 85x18x27cm

    Gift suggestion: The perfect gift for someone who loves Melbourne and its rich old history, character and charm. A great Melbourne Souvenir.

  • Trinket Box - Saxaphone


    Saxaphone Hidden Treasures Trinket Box - Each trinket box is hand cast in pewter, then painted with vibrant enamels and finally embellished with Austrian crystals. True to their name, concealed inside every one is a musical pendant!

    Dimensions - 10cm high

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a saxaphone player.

  • Trinket Box - Trumpet


    Trumpet Hidden Treasures Trinket Box - Each trinket box is hand cast in pewter, then painted with vibrant enamels and finally embellished with Austrian crystals. True to their name, concealed inside every one is a matching pendant!

    Dimensions - 10cm high

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a trumper player.

  • Yamaha NS-AW294 Black All...


    High performance outdoor speakers with outstanding sound quality and weatherproofing. The simple design allows them to be installed in many types of locations. Yamaha’s advanced speaker design combines superior sound quality with excellent weatherproofing. Price is for a pair of 2 speakers.

    Two-way bass reflex design
    Powerful woofer delivers accurate mid/low frequency response
    Balanced dome tweeter ensures clear high frequency response
    Excellent audio performance, weatherproof cabinets that are drip, water and UV resistant
    Simple design looks natural on a home exterior, on a patio or inside a room
    Flexible installation options with supplied mounting brackets
    Powder-coated grilles provide outstanding weatherproof properties
    Push type speaker terminals for easy installation

      - Yamaha Outdoor Speakers - NS-AW294B
      - 2 Way Speaker
      - 6.5" Waterproof Woofer
      - 1" Soft Dome tweeter
      - Up to 100W Max Power Handling
      - Powdercoated Aluminium Grilles
      - High Grade Weatherproof Cabinets
      - Flexible Mounting Options with Included Mounting Brackets

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a music lover.

  • Yamaha NS-AW592 All Weather...


    Yamaha NS-AW592 All-Weather Speakers - Waterproof bass drivers, powder-coated aluminium grilles, swivel brackets included. (50W / 150W input, 16cm woofer & 2.5cm tweeter)

    Outdoor speaker systems that combine quality and durability, and provide a wide variety of installation options.

    Yamaha's advanced speaker technology makes it possible to combine high sound quality with long-term durability.

    Unique angled cabinet design blends in with external and interior décors
    Two-way acoustic suspension design
    High-grade weatherproof cabinets with special processing for drip, water and UV resistance
    Precise sound imaging supported by time-aligned woofer and tweeter placement
    Flexible installation options with supplied mounting brackets
    Weather resistant 5-way binding post speaker terminals
    Powder-coated aluminum speaker grilles
    Supplied rubber feet for desktop/bookshelf placement
    Wide range of applications for home theaters, small commercial spaces and public buildings

    Yamaha’s outdoor range of speakers were designed for Australia’s harsh climate. With high grade UV resistant speaker cabinets, gold-plated speaker terminals and power coated aluminium grills these speakers are designed to ensure they stand the test of time.

    The Yamaha All-Weather range was designed to fulfil the diverse needs of Australians who love to entertain both indoors and outdoors. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically on a wall, or even back to back when you need to cover a large area.

    Yamaha have a strong musical heritage, and the All-Weather range of speakers is designed to improve on this reputation. Your outdoor listening experience should be of a similar quality to that which you are accustomed to inside. Do not except a lesser experience; trust in Yamaha.

    Ensuring that your listening experience is memorable, Yamaha have included high quality parts in the All-Weather range. It begins from the cabinet design, to the drivers used and the weather-resistant binding post terminals…superior audio stems from quality parts and craftsmanship.

    More product information available from Yamaha.

    Yamaha Australia Warranty:
    Amplifiers, Receivers, Speaker Systems, Cassette Decks, Tuners, CD Players & Recorders, Projectors, DVD Players, Wireless Music Systems, Compact Sound Systems - 2 Years
    Acessories eg: speaker stands, wall brackets, etc. Lamp cartridge for projectors - 6 Months
    Products used in situations other than domestic applications- 1 Year

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a music lover.

  • Buffalo Leather CD Box


    This beautifully crafted buffalo leather storage box is a great gift for a music lover with lots and lots of CDs. Each buffalo leather box is individually handmade using traditional stitching methods. Buffalo leather is tough and durable. The handstitching is to be admire as each leather box is painstakingly crafted to perfection. Each buffalo leather CD box is unique with variations in colour and markings on the leather.

    Dimensions: 28x17x15cm

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a music lover to store the precious collection of CDs. Available in Dark and Tan options.