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Housewarming gifts for the proud new home owners to warm up their new home...

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  • Housewarming Aussie BBQ


    A great housewarming gift. The contents of this gift will inspire a BBQ party to welcome friends and family into the new home. The Aussie BBQ Bible book will provide great ideas for the novice BBQ chef, along with delicious sauces, and salted pistachios to nibble as he prepares the BBQ for his guests. And if they don't already have a BBQ, it might inspire them to get one!

    This housewarming gift includes:

    • The Aussie BBQ Bible, Oscar Smith
    • Rufus Teague Honey Sweet Barbeque Sauce 454g
    • The Sauce Depot So Soo Saucy Real Tomato Sauce 250ml
    • Port Willunga Fine Foods Salted Pistachios 90g
    • Presented in a Gift Box finished with ribbon, tissue and gift card. Type your gift message and choose your card below.

    Gift suggestion: A great housewarming gift.

  • Housewarming Gift -...


    A housewarming gift to celebrate the happy occasion. Send your congratulations to the proud new home owners along with this Epicurean Tastes housewarming gift hamper, with layers and layers of beautiful gourmet products to welcome special friends and family to show off the new house.

    This housewarming gift includes:

    • Green Grove Organic Liquorice 180g
    • Port Willunga Vine Dried Muscatels 100g
    • Ogilvie Smokey Bourbon Barbecue Marinade 250ml
    • Hanks Jams Sampler Pack 4 x 28g
    • Maya Sunny Honey 100% Raw Macadamia Crunch Honey 250g
    • Byron Bay Cookie Company Milk Choc Chunk Cookies - Premium Gift Tin 200g
    • Random Harvest Mini Me Entertaining Gift Pack including: Kalamata & Roasted Garlic Tapenade 60g, Lemon Garlic dill dressing 60g and Fireball Chilli Mustard 60g
    • Simon Johnson Wasabi Peanuts 100g
    • T2 All Sorts Tea 100g
    • Whisk and Pin Rocky Road 150g
    • Bizzari Dolci Handmade Lavosh 100g
    • Maggie Beer Quince Paste 100g
    • Olsson's Sea Salt Lemon Zest 140g
    • Fudge by Rich Chocolate & Walnut 160g
    • Toby’s Estate Coffee Woolloomooloo Blend 200g

    Presented in a gift box finished with ribbon, tissue and gift card. Type your gift message and choose your card below.

    Gift suggestion: A great housewarming gift to enjoy in the new home.

  • Housewarming Aromatherapy Gift

    A housewarming gift that will fill the new home with peace and calm. This Housewarming Aromatherapy Candle introduces a lingering scent of spiritual tranquility that will delight the senses. Enjoy the soothing, relaxing Lavender after the stress of
  • Housewarming Diffuser Gift Set

    This is a lovely housewarming gift to bring spiritual tranquility to the new home. The natural looking ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser comes with your choice of an aromatherapy essential oil blend, all ready for use. Simply add a few drops of your
  • Housewarming Coffee Gift

    A housewarming gift that will warm the hearts of the new homeowners. Thoughtfully chosen, your gift will be enjoyed the next morning in the new home!This housewarming gift is for someone who loves their coffee. The gift comes with a pack of Espresso
  • Housewarming Gong CD

    Introduce good vibrations into the new home. Let this Tibetan Gonging CD take the new home owners through a journey into that timeless place of deep inner peace. Relax and unwind especially after the hard toil of moving house. Give them the
  • Housewarming Caricature- 2...


    This is a housewarming gift that will be remembered long after the home owners move into their new home. It's a housewarming gift that they can have framed and proudly hang it on the wall of their new house. You can have the caricature 'themed' or even have the new home included in the caricature.

    Create a black and white caricature of the proud home owners. All the artist needs is a good photo* to create the caricature (full body) with background. You can choose the number of people to have included in the caricature, and/or even the house theme or setting for the background. You could specify props* that represent their quirks or special interests or hobbies.

    Size of caricature: A3 29.7cm x 42cm

    This housewarming gift caricature is drawn in pencil and oil paints using a dry brush technique on a premium uncoated, bright white 135gsm paper. The caricature includes up to 5 props** / objects and with background.

    *Photo required:
    Recent close ups with big grins are usually the best photos. That should include a current or typical hairstyle. No hats or sunglasses please, If the artist can’t see it, he can't draw it. And please make sure the whole face and head is visible; selfies with crop out bits and pieces are not very helpful as the artist needs to work out the shape of things. It’s also really (really) important that photos are well lit, sharp and clear. Often even just one photo will do if it's the right one. If you’re not sure, send as many as you want.

    **Props and Large Objects:
    A prop is a small object that is included in the drawing to depict the theme or activity that you have chosen. In the case of a retirement theme, the ‘prop’ could be a golf club, fishing rod etc. Props do not include full larger size objects such as vehicles/cars/trucks/motorbikes etc. These can be added to the caricature at additional costs.

    Prices are calculated by the amount of time needed to complete the drawing, so if the object for example, a house or vehicle, is small and in the background it will be counted as a prop and hence included in the price. If the vehicle is to be larger and proportional to the person in the caricature there is an additional $50 charge. The same principle applies to animals or pets. If the animal is small (small dog/cat etc.) or it is to be drawn in the background or only drawn partially (head only) it is counted as a prop and included in the price. If it is a larger dog or horse etc. there is an additional $50 charge for the caricature.

    Black and white caricatures usually take 7-10 days to complete. Please email if urgent and we will try to assist.

    Gift suggestion: A great housewarming gift.

  • Housewarming Gift Hammock


    A housewarming gift that will provide hours of relaxation after the big move. This Jumbo Mexican Hammock fits a small family and is also great for 1 adult with plenty of room for comfort. A hammock is never too big, in fact, the bigger it is, the better!

    Cotton hammocks are the softest and easiest to sink into. They stretch and mould to your body. Although delicate, these hammocks will provide years of comfortable wear if hung undercover. You can hang them in an open area, but to avoid colour fading and deterioration just unhook them when not in use.

    The secret of the superior comfort and strength offered in the production of Mexican Hammocks, lies in the diamond-like design of the hammock weave and the workmanship of expert artisans. Enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon, lie back and relax in this finely woven cotton Mexican Hammock.

    Accessories not included. 
    12 months guarantee.


    Hand woven with Cotton string
    Ideal to hang with a pair of tree straps, a pair of ropes, hooks or using a hammock frame.
    Made in Mexico supporting the tradition of weaving hammocks from home
    Weighs 1.7-1.8 kg
    Weight capacity: 350kg
    Body width: 1.8m
    Body length: approx 2m
    Overall length: approx 4m
    Hangimg distance: apprx 3.3m

    Gift suggestion: A great housewarming gift to relax body, mind and soul after the stress of moving!

  • Houswarming Rug


    A great housewarming gift idea to warm the new home. The new home owners will love this rug to decorate their new home. This rug is beautifully stitched 10x10psc. Measuring 0.5 x 1.0m, it is a versatile size to use as a decor feature to add to your home furnishing. 

    Dimensions: 0.5 x 1.0m

    Note: Please note the actual colour of the cow hide may vary from the image shown. There may be slight imperfections as these are natural animal products.

    Gift suggestion: A great housewarming gift.

  • Housewarming Bistro Clock


    A great housewarming gift. This novelty clock is great for the kitchen. To remind all that your 'bistro' is serving snack and meals 24/7. All welcome any time they are hungry.

    Novelty home decor that will complement any home.

    Dimensions: 420 x 425 x 60cm

    Gift suggestion: A great housewarming gift for the home.

  • Leather Photo Frame


    This genuine leather photo frame makes a great gift for any occasion, and has a feel of quality about it, something quite different from the norm.


    Available in blue and pink. Suitable for photos measuring 5x7in.

    Price is for a single frame.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for any occasion.

  • Wall Clock -Mondial World Time


    This "Mondial" Wall Clock is a large world time clock made of glass. With three clock faces, the clock can display three different time zones. The clock is powered by one AA battery and has a step movement.

    Dimensions: 50cm L x 18.6cm H x 3.6cm W

    Gift suggestion: A great housewarming gift for one who has family in three different parts of the world. Also a great gift for a business working in three different time zones.