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No time to shop? Choose from a beautiful selection of last minute gifts that will make you look like you planned well in advance. It won't look like a last minute gift!

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  • Suede and Leather Photo Frame


    An elegant photo frame in a combination of suede and genuine leather. A great gift to display a great memorable moment whether it be a wedding, anniversary, housewarming or any special occasion. It is suitable for photos 5x7in.

    Price is for a single frame. Available in cream and green.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for any occasion.

  • Kangaroo Leather Pen


    This Kangaroo Leather Pen is a beautiful Australian souvenir or gift. The supreme quality of this unique kangaroo leather covered pen makes it a wonderful gift to be remembered each time it is used.

    Kangaroo leather is light and soft yet incredibly durable, making it ideal for a wide range of products. The kangaroo leather is available in a range of colours - black, red, yellow, navy, tan antique, wine antique. A chromium metal finish and a standard Parker refill complete this beautiful pen.

    Kangaroo Nappa is a smooth kangaroo leather finish. Some natural leather grain may be visible (present) and no one skin is exactly the same.  Kangaroos are taken from the wild under a strict federally controlled culling program. Eastern Greys and Western Reds, are the only two species culled under this program. In their effort to survive in the rugged and harsh Australian environment, kangaroos have developed unique characteristics. Kangaroo leather, despite its lightness and softness, has extraordinary strength and durability. Its tight fibre structure makes it two to three times more durable than ordinary leathers.

    Pens are individually boxed.

    Australian made.

    Gift suggestion: A great Australian gift for any occasion.

  • A6 Leather Journal


    These Stylish Leather Journals come in many bright and happy colours, to keep your day looking great! Fantastic as a travel journal to write down all you see in your travels. Also useful to keep in your bag to jot down all your great ideas.

    Gift Suggestion: Ideal as a 1st anniversary gift. Paper is a traditional gift for a 1st year anniversary. Paper is symbolic of the fragility of the marriage bond in the 1st year of marriage, as the couple would not have experienced the trials of life together as a couple.

  • Two Tone Leather Photo Frame


    Any photo would look great in this two tone genuine leather picture frame. Suitable for photos measuring 5x7in. 

    Price is for a single frame. This picture frame is available in a combination of Cream/Beige, Cream/Red, Cream/Black and Cream/Tan.

    Gift suggestion: An elegant gift for any occasion. Infact make this an extra special gift by presenting this photo frame with a photo of that someone special.

  • Kangaroo Leather Pen and...


    This Kangaroo Leather Pen with Card Case is a beautifully presented gift. Both the Pen and Card Case are made of Kangaroo leather which is well reknown for its durability and strength so even with frequent use, your card case and pen are going to last a long time!

    The pen has a place where you can laser engrave on to make it a more personal gift. The Card Case has a removable plastic insert for extra cards. A variety of box colours are available.

    Dimensions: 170mm x 120mm x 33mm (closed)

    Gift suggestion: A great corporate or farewell gift for the executive. Also an elegant thank you gift for someone who has done you a very big favour and you want to show your appreciation. Or a reward for an outstanding achievement.

  • Leather Compendium

    This smart leather compendium is useful for work. With a zip, you can secure all your loose papers when you need to get up and go at a moment's notice. The compendium has a four hole ring binder, six slots for cards, a zippered pocket, and even a
  • Diamonte Slide On Bangle


    This beautiful bangle is studded with genuine clear Swarovski crystals. This bangle slides on and does not require doing up, as such will fit any size. 

    Measurement: 60mm diameter

    Gift suggestion: A sparkling gift that will make a great birthday or anniversary gift.

  • Man Jewellery Box


    A black jewellery box in a piano finish with dark grey soft velour interior. 

    Every man needs a Man Box Jewellery Box to store all his treasures. This jewellery box is handy for your mobile phone, watch, ring, keys and coins. Put it all away when you're home from work and when you need to go, just delve into the box and it's all there in that one jewellery box. No more searching everywhere for your keys and everything you need when you can put them all into this tidy box.

    Dimensions: 34x23x9cm

    Material: Wood

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a 5th Wedding Anniversary. Wood is a traditional gift for a 5th wedding anniversary as it is symbolic of a strong solid marriage bond.

  • Buffalo Leather Coasters - Tan


    Classy buffalo leather coasters for home entertaining, great as beer coasters. Not the usual variety of coasters, these ones are made from genuine buffalo leather. Each buffalo leather coaster is individually handmade using traditional hand stitching methods. Each coaster is unique as the leather varies with each animal. The scars and marks of each coaster is the story of your piece! The coasters come as a set of 4 in its holder. Buffalo leather is extremely tough and durable.

    Colour: Tan
    Options: Round or Square
    Note colour may vary from image shown.

    Gift suggestion: A great housewarming gift or a birthday gift for him.