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Happy Fathers Day. 'You're the best!' There are many ways to say thank you to the man who has always stood by you.

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  • Bookends- Horse, Tan, Leather


    These tan leather bookends add a touch of sophistication to the home. They are crafted from high-quality leather, and are a perfect gift for a booklover, especially if they appreciate the grace and beauty of horses. The bookends will look charming on any bookshelf and provide sturdy support for your books. 

    Dimensions: 27 x 12 x 19cm
    Colour: Tan

    Gift suggestion: A elegant gift for an avid book reader.

  • Beer and Pamper Hamper


    Treat him with a hamper filled with essential pampering body wash & shave cream to leave the skin cleansed & refreshed. Plus a selection of beers & gingerbread for him to enjoy.

    This beer and pamper hamper includes:

    • The Aromatherapy Co. Therapy Man Sea Salt and Sandalwood Hand and Body Wash 500ml
    • The Aromatherapy Co. Therapy Man Sea Salt and Sandalwood Shave Cream 100ml
    • Gentlemen's Hardware Canvas Wash Bag
    • Fat Yak Original Pale Ale, 345ml
    • Little Creatures Pale Ale, 330ml
    • 4 Pines Pale Ale, 330ml
    • Adri's Hand Decorated Gingerbread Moustache 30g
    • Presented in a Gift Box finished with ribbon, tissue and gift card. Type your gift message and choose your card below.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a beer lover.

  • Dad's Shed Tin Sign

    Dad's shed would look great with this tin sign on the door which reads...'Dad's Shed-24 Hour Year Round Backyard ServiceAdditional Services:-Football lessons-Bikes fixed-Fishing lessons-Toys and dolls repaired-Fatherly advice and hearts
  • Whisky Taster


    This Whisky Taster is for the whisky lover. This Whisky Taster Pack comes with three 50ml bottles of Loch Lomond Single Malt Whisky to try and some very fine things for a gentleman with good taste. A great gift for Father's Day or a birthday gift for him.

    This Whisky Taster includes:

    Loch Lomand Single Malt Taster Pack, 3 x 50mls
    Sir Sock Dapper Men’s Socks
    Denver & Liely Whisky Glass
    The Aromatherapy Co. Therapy Man Shave Cream 100ml
    Presented in a gift box finished with ribbon, tissue and gift card. Type gift message below.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a Whisky Lover.

  • Whisky on the Rocks -...


    Whisky on the Rocks, ready to enjoy. This is a great gift for the whisky lover as it comes with 9 stones ready to cool your Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 year old Whisky - the way to enjoy your Whisky cold without ice melting and diluting your drink. Note: Glass not included.

    This Whisky on the Rocks gift includes:

    • Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whisky, 700ml
    • Gentleman's Hardware On The Rocks Whisky Chillers

    Presented in a Gift Box finished with ribbon, tissue and gift card. Type your gift message and choose your card below.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a whisky lover.


  • Man Jewellery Box


    A black jewellery box in a piano finish with dark grey soft velour interior. 

    Every man needs a Man Box Jewellery Box to store all his treasures. This jewellery box is handy for your mobile phone, watch, ring, keys and coins. Put it all away when you're home from work and when you need to go, just delve into the box and it's all there in that one jewellery box. No more searching everywhere for your keys and everything you need when you can put them all into this tidy box.

    Dimensions: 34x23x9cm

    Material: Wood

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a 5th Wedding Anniversary. Wood is a traditional gift for a 5th wedding anniversary as it is symbolic of a strong solid marriage bond.

  • Wine Lovers Puzzle


    Wine lovers with the will, determination and passion for good wine will work through this puzzle to get to that bottle of wine, especially if it is a Grange!

    Make your dinner guests work for their wine. Before they have one too many, they might just crack the puzzle to free the bottle. Otherwise, you get to save it for the next dinner party!

    Gift wrapping and card included. Type your gift message below.
    *Sorry…Wine not included!

    Gift suggestion: A great housewarming gift for a wine lover.

  • Wine Carrier- Buffalo...


    This wine carrier is beautifully crafted and designed to carry two bottles of wine. Made from buffalo leather, the wine carrier is intact, invogue & impervious. It has class and looks smart when you take it to a BYO dinner party. This wine carrier is strong and durable and being made from genuine buffalo leather, each wine carrier is unique as no two buffalo hides are the same.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a real wine connoisseur.

    Wine not included.

  • Whisky Gift - Chivas Regal...


    Whisky to celebrate a special occasion! Drink to a special occasion with Chivas Regal Whisky from the oldest operating distillery in the Scottish Highlands. Chivas Regal Whisky is reknown for its extraordinary selection of malt whiskies. Matured for 12 years, the result is a rich and generous whisky with honey and hazelnut notes and a long creamy finish.

    This Whisky gift comes with two whisky glasses. Price includes gift wrapping and gift card. Type your gift message below.

    Size: 700mL.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a Whisky lover to celebrate that special occasion.

  • Wine Chiller VinOice


    This clever two-in-one pourer and chiller makes serving wine at its ideal temperature no fuss. At least two hours before serving, place the VinOice in the freezer and your wine in the refrigerator or on ice. When it's show time, pour yourself the first chilled glass and simply place the frozen stainless steel rod into the bottle. The sleek hinged cap opens with gravity as you tilt the bottle, allowing you to pour a perfectly prepped glass of wine without unsightly drips or dribbles down the bottle's side.

    So whether you're craving a crisp glass of Pinot Grigio or cellar temperature Cabernet, this two-in-one pourer and chiller makes serving wine at its ideal temperature clever, classy, and undeniably cool.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for the wine connoisseur.

  • Beer Mug - Crystal Loke


    The Loke Crystal Beer Mug by Mats Jonasson is a stunning piece of drinkware handmade by artisans in Sweden. The mug is expertly crafted from high-quality crystal, with a captivating design that captures the essence of the Nordic god Loke, artistically etched into the crystal.

    The mug's handle is also made of crystal, and its curved shape provides a comfortable grip for easy drinking. The crystal adds an extra touch of elegance and sophistication, but it also ensures that your beer stays cold for longer periods, making it the perfect choice for a refreshing beer on a hot summer day.

    The Loke Crystal Beer Mug is a true work of art, and its exquisite design and unparalleled craftsmanship makes it a stunning addition to any bar or home décor collection. It is also a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates fine art and enjoys the drinking experience.

    This black crystal beer mug is mouth blown and sandblasted with clear bail. Being crystal, the beer mug is sensitive to heat, so best to avoid hot beverages.

    Do not put in dishwasher. Spots on the sandblasted areas should be washed away by hand.
    The product is handmade in Sweden and signed by designer Mats Jonasson.

    Volume: 600ml
    Height: 140mm

    Available in Black and Clear crystal.

    Gift suggestion: A very special gift to enhance the drinking experience.

  • Buffalo Leather Coasters- Dark


    These beautiful buffalo leather coasters are made of genuine buffalo leather. Buffalo leather is tough and durable and will last. The leather coasters come as a set of four, in its own buffalo leather holder. The hide of each animal varies and each coaster has its own unique lines and marks, each individually handmade with traditional stitching methods. These buffalo leather coasters are easy to clean as they have a smooth leather finish.

    Colour: Dark
    Options: Round and Square

    Note colour may vary slightly from image shown.

    Gift suggestion: A great birthday gift for him.