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Choose bar decor gifts for his bar. If he has a bar, get him a gift to decorate his bar.....personalised beer mats, vintage bar signs and other blokey bar decor he can proudly display.

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  • Beer Nostalgic Sign-Carlton...

    Carlton Ale Tin Sign285 mm x 405 mm
  • Beer Nostalgic Sign-Fosters...

    Fosters Old Roaster Tin Sign - 285mm x 405mm
  • Nostalgic Sign - Tooths...

    Tin Sign - Tooths Rugby XXX AleDimensions: 285mm x 405mm
  • Nostalgic Sign - Cadbury...


    Nostalgic old fashioned style Cadbury chocolates sign. Long lasting metal, looks great in your bathroon or kitchen285 x 405 mm

  • Australian Souvenir...


    Australian Heritage Sign - ClydesdalesDimensions: 350mm x 500mm

  • Australian Souvenir...


    An Australian Nostalgic Sign featuring a quintessential Australian Brand, Cobb & Co. Own a piece of Australian history and culture.

    Dimensions: 350 x 500mm

    Gift suggestion: A great Australian gift souvenir

  • Nostalgic Sign - Sopwith...

    Tin Sign - Sopwith Camel PlaneDimensions: 317mm x 405mm
  • Beer Clock


    A beer lover needs to know when it's beer o'clock. This wall clock is great for the bar, next to the bar fridge or anywhere he needs to keep watch on the time. A great gift for the beer lover.

    Dimensions 330 x 330 x 60cm

  • Beer Signs


    Beer signs to welcome all beer lovers. Made of metal with a rustic look, it is a welcoming sign for any bloke on a hot day. In fact on any day and any time!

    A great gift for a beer lover. Home decor for the bar. Hang over bar fridge.

    Cold Beer - 300 x 400 x 10cm
    Beer Fridge - 330 x 250 x 0.6cm

    Images not to scale.

  • Beer Nostalgic Sign-Fosters


    Take a look at this Fosters Beer vintage Sign. Perfect for collectors, Fathers and boys, the vintage sign is a must have for any Pool room collection. highlighting classic Australian behaviour and past times, this Vintage Sign is a fanatastic unique and interesting gift that will be sure to surprise.Dimensions: 285mm x 405mm

  • Crystal Decanter- MASQ Electra


    This Electra Crystal Decanter is a work of art. The decanter is handmade in Sweden and signed by designer Mats Jonasson. The decanter is available in black and clear crystal. A beautiful wedding gift or a gift for any occasion....

  • Crystal Beer Mugs


    Enjoy a beer 9or two) with a mate, in style. These beer glasses hold 600ml of beer and are made of crystal. Handmade by artisans in Sweden, these Loke Crystal Beer Mugs are signed by desiger Mats Jonasson. The crystal beer mugs are mouth blown and sandblasted with clear bail. Being crystal, the beer mug is sensitive to heat, so best to avoid hot beverages.

    Do not put in dishwasher. Spots on the sandblasted areas should be washed away by hand.
    The product is handmade in Sweden and signed.

    Volume: 600ml
    Height: 140mm