Kids Books & Bookends

Kids books with their names printed in the story will encourage little readers from an early age. Get bookends for their bookshelf too!

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  • Bookends - Sea Life


    Bookends to encourage young readers. These cute wooden bookends feature sea creatures that children will relate to. Stack books neatly on the shelf to make it easy for selection.

    These bookends measure 26 x 9 x 14cm.

  • Bookends - Mermaid


    Bookends for a little girl. Painted in bright pink, these wooden bookends create a world of fantasy for a young reader and encourage them to love books.

    These bookends measure 27.2 x 9.8 x 13cm

  • Bookends - Fairy


    Bookends for a little girl who loves fairies and all things pink. Encourage the love of reading with your little girl. These wooden bookends will look great on the bookshelf.

    Dimensions:  26 x 9 x 14cm

  • Bookends - Butterfly


    These butterfly bookends will look great on the book shelf in a girl's bedroom. The wooden bookends are perfect for keeping books tidy on the bookshelf. Bookends are a great gift for book lovers and these bookends may even encourage young readers to collect more books for their book shelf.

    Get a book to accompany these bookends as the perfect gift for a little girl.

    Dimensions: 27.2 X 9.8 X 13CM

  • Bookends - Pirates


    Bookends with a pirate theme are perfect for a boys bedroom. Boys with a fascination for pirates may even be inspired to collect more books to read with this set of wooden bookends.

    Bookends are a great gift and these pirate bookends will encourage young readers to keep thier book shelf tidy. A great gift for bookworms and book lovers.

    These bookends are made of wood.

    Dimensions: 27.2 x 9.8 x 13cm