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  • Capiz Shell Waste Basket -...


    These Capiz Shell Waste Baskets are not only functional. They make any home look good! They are made by craftsmen who specialise in turning Capiz and Mother of Pearl Shell into stunning quality home wares and fine pieces of art. Taking advantage of our most beautiful natural resources, they transform Mother of Pearl Shells, Fresh Water Pearls, Corals and Semi Precious Stones into master pieces. It is effortless to admire and appreciate the beauty and colourful glimmer of each finely created work of art. 

    Care Instructions: 1. They can be washed manually but not dishwasher proof. Hand wash only with mild soap. 2. Do not soak in water for long periods of time. 3. They can be used to put food, warm or cold, and any type of sauce, oil, and vinegar without damaging the surface. 4. Do not use as a cutting surface. Knives and sharp objects will scratch and mark the surface.

    Dimensions: D: 26.5cm, H: 25cm

    Gift suggestion: A lovely gift for the home.

    *Note: Price is for one Large Waste Basket.

  • Buffalo Leather Bar Cabinet


    Store your liquor in this beautifully made buffalo leather bar cabinet. This liquor storage unit is no ordinary piece of furniture. Beautifully handcrafted from buffalo leather, it opens up into an impressive 3 compartment bar so you can choose your drink. This buffalo leather bar is painstakingly handstitched and put together to produce a quality piece of furniture that you'd be proud to own in your home.

    Available in two colours, tan and dark brown.

    Drinks not included.

    Dimensions: 58x86x95cm

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for him, for the home.

  • Buffalo Leather Treasure Box


    A buffalo leather treasure box is a great gift for anyone as everyone has momentos and cherished memories that are just too precious to discard. This buffalo leather treasure box is handy for storing those treasures and is easy to pull out when you want to take a stroll down memory lane.

    Made of buffalo leather, the treasure box is extremely durable and will last a lifetime. Each treasure box is individually handmade using traditional stitching methods and each box is unique as the leather varies with each individual animal.

    Dimensions: 25x32x22cm

    Gift suggestion: A great idea for an anniversary gift - why not fill it with precious memories and photos. Also for a great gift for a birthday, anniversary or any occasion.

  • Storage Boxes


    Store documents, photos, cards or any other precious memories in these Storage Boxes. Unlike conventional storage boxes, these boxes are made of genuine cow leather with strong cardboard inner. Not only are they useful, they also look stylish with a zebra print, and can be stacked neatly away.

    Dimensions: 1 x small box ( 8 x 17 x 17cm), 1 x medium box (10 x 21 x 21cm), 1 x large box (12 x 26 x 26cm)

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for him or her to store precious items all in one place.

    Note: Not available for gift wrapping

  • Fur Storage Basket


    A Storage Basket, with handle, beautifully made of and enclosed in fur with an open end, used for storage purposes. Perfect for unread magazines and newspapers. Also handy for storing all sorts of stuff you prefer to keep out of sight like remotes and playstation controls. Made of genuine cow leather.

    Dimensions: 40x25x22cm

    Gift suggestion: A great housewarming gift for the home.

  • Storage Basket - Fur


    This storage basket is not just for storage, it is also for looks. The storage basket is beautifully hand crafted using genuine cow leather, finished with running stitch detailing, and is covered with cow hair just for something different. 

    The natural skin and hair of a cow which retains the original colouring of the animal makes each of these storage baskets unique. Cow leather is naturally tough and long lasting. This leather storage basket is perfect for storing unread magazines and books. Now there's a place to tidy  your magazines away so they are not scattered all over. Perfect for the tidy freak.

    As leather is a traditional gift for a 3rd wedding anniversary, this leather storage basket will be a lovely gift for the home.

    Dimensions: 28 x 25 x 50cm

    Gift suggestion: Leather is a traditional gift for a third wedding anniversary.

    Not available for gift wrapping.

  • Buffalo Leather Magazine...


    This buffalo leather magazine basket is a great gift for mum if she is an avid magazine reader. It is made of genuine buffalo leather.  The buffalo leather is beautifully handstitched using traditional handstitching methods. Buffalo leather is extremely tough and durable. The basket is stylish, with an open base and will look give the home a nice warm look.

    With its good looks, make this magazine tidy part of the home decor. It is made of genuine buffalo leather, as such each magazine basket is unique as no two buffalo hides are the same.

    Colour: tan.

    Dimensions: 20x41x35cm

    Gift suggestion: A great Mothers day gift or a gift for any occasion.

  • Storage Ottoman


    The Storage Ottoman is a great addition to your home. Great for putting your feet up but also for storage, the top opens up to reveal handy storage space. This ottoman is all about clean lines, no-frills and practicality. For a home decor theme that combines metal, wood and exposed or weathered features, such as bricks, this ottoman will fit in nicely to create that natural rustic look. Ideal for storing stuff you wish to keep out of sight like remotes and playstation controls.

    The ottoman has a timber frame and is made of strong genuine buffalo leather

    Dimension: 50cm H x 50cm W x 50cm D
    Weight: 15 Kilograms

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for the home.

    Not available for gift wrapping.

  • Australian Kangaroo Leather...


    Slip into these extremely soft fur slippers. Made of Australian kangaroo fur, these Jacaru slippers will keep your feet warm in the winter. Designed for wearing in and around the house, who says you can't wear them out, afterall, today's fashion is casual and "anything goes".

    Each pair of kangaroo fur slippers is cut from the one hide and handmade in the Gold Coast.

    Gift suggestion:
    A great Australian gift which is quintessentially Australian or a gift made in Australia.

  • Storage Basket - Weave


    This Storage Basket is made of genuine buffalo leather. Handy for storage for all sorts of stuff, the basket has a strong firm base and is tough. Handmade using traditional stitching methods by master weavers. The buffalo leather basket is intricately woven and beautifully made. 

    Use it as a tidy for magazines or your knitting. Or complement your home furnishing with this beautiful storage basket that adds a soft rustic feel to the home.

    Dimensions: 38x38x35cm

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for the home.

  • Housewarming Gift Hammock


    A housewarming gift that will provide hours of relaxation after the big move. This Jumbo Mexican Hammock fits a small family and is also great for 1 adult with plenty of room for comfort. A hammock is never too big, in fact, the bigger it is, the better!

    Cotton hammocks are the softest and easiest to sink into. They stretch and mould to your body. Although delicate, these hammocks will provide years of comfortable wear if hung undercover. You can hang them in an open area, but to avoid colour fading and deterioration just unhook them when not in use.

    The secret of the superior comfort and strength offered in the production of Mexican Hammocks, lies in the diamond-like design of the hammock weave and the workmanship of expert artisans. Enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon, lie back and relax in this finely woven cotton Mexican Hammock.

    Accessories not included. 
    12 months guarantee.


    Hand woven with Cotton string
    Ideal to hang with a pair of tree straps, a pair of ropes, hooks or using a hammock frame.
    Made in Mexico supporting the tradition of weaving hammocks from home
    Weighs 1.7-1.8 kg
    Weight capacity: 350kg
    Body width: 1.8m
    Body length: approx 2m
    Overall length: approx 4m
    Hangimg distance: apprx 3.3m

    Gift suggestion: A great housewarming gift to relax body, mind and soul after the stress of moving!

  • Housewarming Gong CD

    Introduce good vibrations into the new home. Let this Tibetan Gonging CD take the new home owners through a journey into that timeless place of deep inner peace. Relax and unwind especially after the hard toil of moving house. Give them the