How to find the perfect gift

By Annabelle Thomas

Gift for Zoe

"It's the best gift ever! You know me so well!"

They loved your gift!

It is always such a pleasure to know that the gift you selected for the one you love is exactly what they had always wanted or that it was such a delightful surprise.
Gifts have always been a way to express the way you feel. Often the pleasure is all yours as the giver. A study from 2008 by Michael Norton of Harvard Business School revealed that people are more satisfied when they spend their money on others rather than themselves.
Finding a great gift is not hard at all. We could think of gifts to suit the personality, interests, and hobbies of the recipient. Here are five ways to help you search for that perfect gift:

Make a list of the things that you can associate with the recipient. Get pen and paper, and start jotting down all their interests. Scour their social media pages. The more you can associate them with, the wider your scope of gift ideas. Try combining their interests. For example, does the recipient have a dog who also has a passion for coffee? Surprise them with a personalised coffee mug with their dog's name on it! Or if they are a lover of wine or whisky, find a wine gift or whisky gift that will satisfy their passion.


You could choose a gift that reminds them of the good times you've spent together. A good place to start is to rummage through old photos. How about using a favourite photo from years gone by and choosing a beautiful photo frame to place it in; or have it printed on stickers, or a T-shirt, notepad, calender, mug or any useful item you can print on. Remember, you're not limited to photos. Look at certificates, paintings, drawings, medals or memorabilia and what you can do with them.


Gifts may not always be personal. You may need a corporate gift - a gift for a job well done, a thank you gift or a reward for a high achiever. In this case, seek help from a gift-giving service that can provide great gift ideas to suit the occasion. Shane Perry of Max Funding shared how he handles corporate gift giving in his company. He remarked, "Birthdays and business milestones are the usual celebration inside our establishment. These events always boost camaraderie of our employees. If the budget permits, a token of gratitude to each and everyone wouldn't hurt. The good thing is, bulk orders are usually cheaper to buy from a gift managing service." Not only is there the benefit of bulk discounts; you can also use a gift wrapping service that personalises the gifts and messages to each individual recipient, and even present your gifts according to the colours of your company logo or livery. How good is that?
Gift Hampers are always a favourite choice. Choose from a variety of hampers - chocolate hampers, wine hampers, Champagne hampers, beer hampers, gourmet hamperspamper hampers and more. Find hampers that are beautifully and creatively assembled. There are plenty to choose from. You will find a hamper for every person and for every occasion.

If you are intent on a gift that is different, take a chance and send a novelty gift that will bring a smile with the unexpected. Sometimes people don't know they love something until it's right in front of them. Something funny will test their sense of humour!

Giving a gift is special, not just for the one receiving it. More often than not, the pleasure belongs to the giver. When you take the time to search for just the right gift, it can be worth it because the love and thought that goes with your gift is a lasting memory that can mean more than you will ever know.

gift for Babe

So find a gift for your special someone and enjoy the experience of searching for that ideal gift. Here at Red Wrappings, we take the stress out of finding the right gift. Have your gift beautifully gift wrapped and sent with your personal message printed in a gift card and leave a lasting impression.

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