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Junior MasterChef Cooking Kits for kids

Junior MasterChef has fast been gaining popularity and Junior MasterChef Cooking Kits have been introduced on Red Wrappings Online Gift Store for kids with a passion for cooking and an ambition to enter the Junior MasterChef competition or simply to play cooking games.Melbourne, Australia, March 11, 2011 – Junior MasterChef has caused quite a stir with kids and with the ever increasing popularity of the Junior MasterChef episodes on TV, kids are encouraged to master the art of cooking at a tender age. Inspired by the growing interest in the Junior MasterChef series, Junior MasterChef cooking kits for kids have now become available and have been recently introduced on Red Wrappings Online Gift Store. “It is really quite amazing that Junior MasterChef has been such a hit with kids and probably with their parents as well.” says Su Cameron, Marketing Director at Red Wrappings. “It's great that the kids can have so much interest in an activity that does not involve sitting in front of a computer!”The Junior MasterChef Cooking Kits come in a few varieties. There is the Junior MasterChef Pancake Kit for making pancakes, the Junior MasterChef Pizza Kit for making Pizza and the Junior MasterChef Cupcake Kit for making cupcakes, all foods that every child loves. There is even a Junior MasterChef Hat and Apron set so the kids can feel that they are professional Junior MasterChefs.The Junior MasterChef Kits are suitable for kids aged between 3 to 15 years. The cooking utensils are made of silicone material, and have been designed not just for play - they can actually be used for real cooking in the kitchen. Silicone is a material that can be heated to high temperatures and yet is not hot to touch. So if the kids accidentally touch the utensils, they won't get a burn. As such, they are safe for kids to use for cooking.“The Junior MasterChef Kits are both fun and educational and children can be encouraged to learn cooking skills from a young age which can later become very useful!. You never know, they may actually surprise you with their culinary skills!” says Ms Cameron.See more Junior MasterChef Cooking Kits >


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