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Leather as the traditional 3rd anniversary gift symbolises protection and stability.

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  • 3rd Anniversary Treasure...


    A traditional 3rd wedding anniversary gift; made of leather, it is perfect, as leather is symbolic of a flexible, yet strong marriage.  The leather treasure box is great for storing old cards, letters and other precious memories of your time together. Made of robust buffalo leather, the box is tough and will last and last. This high end treasure box is handmade and stitched. It's the perfect storage box for all sorts.

    Dimensions: 22cm H x 25cm W x 32cm D

    Gift suggestion: A traditional third wedding anniversary gift, as leather is symbolic of a flexible, strong and lasting marriage bond. Also a great gift for him for storing old memorabilia (yes! who says guys don't need to store their precious memories?). 

  • Buffalo Leather Photo Frame...


    This Buffalo Leather Photo Frame will look great on an executive desk. The contemporary style of this buffalo leather photo frame bridges the gap between modern and traditional. Featuring simple and clean lines with smooth surfaces without any carving or adornment, it is more masculine than feminine and is great in an office or business setting. Buffalo leather is strong and durable and will last and last.

    Each buffalo leather photo frame is unique as every piece of buffalo leather with its marks are individual to each animal. 

    Picture size: 4x6"

    Gift suggestion: A great 3rd anniversary gift as leather is symbolic of a marriage that has reached the stage of flexible durability, a sign of a maturing marriage.

  • Leather Cap


    This tough leather cap is made of buffalo leather and will endure frequent use.

    This buffalo leather baseball style cap is super soft and therefore incredibly comfortable, with eyelets on both sides of the cap for ventilation as no one wants a sweaty head. The buffalo leather gives it a smarter look than your ordinary standard cap.

    Available in black or brown and has an adjustable strap for the perfect fit, which makes it 'one size fits all'.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for an outdoor lover.

  • Emu Leather Ladies Wallet...


    A beautiful emu leather ladies wallet made of Australian emu leather. Emu leather has a lovely quill pattern spread across its surface which make it quite unique. Exising in the wild, the emu has developed properties that makes its leather strong and durable. Emu leather is similar to ostrich leather.

    This emu leather ladies wallet has a full length outside pocket, 2 note compartments, photo ID, nine credit card pockets, zip middle coin pocket.

    Dimensions: 19 x 9.5 cm

    A beautiful gift for a woman who has everything.

  • Emu Leather Keyring


    Emu leather is beautiful with a very distinctive pattern. It is quite unique and this emu leather keyring will be a great gift to go with his beautiful car. Emu leather has similar properties to kangaroo leather in terms of its strength and durability and is known to be two to three times more durable than ordinary leathers.

    This emu leather keyring has gold plated fittings and measures 5x9.5cm.

  • Emu Leather Key Case


    This Emu leather key case is beautiful with its unique, distinct follicles evenly spread throughout the entire surface of the key case. Each emu leather key case is different as no two emus have the same follicle pattern. Emu leather has developed similar properties to kangaroo leather in terms of its strength and durability.


    This emu leather key case has 6 rings and external coin zip pocket, two card sections and press stud closure.


    Dimensions of emu leather key case: 7 x 10 x 2.5 cm


    A great Australian gift or souvenir.

  • Emu Leather Pen and...


    An emu leather spine/ suede leather combination cover on this journal is smart looking and handy to jot down all the important things in your day. Carry this journal with you everywhere. The journal is handy with fixed pages. Why not include a matching genuine emu leather pen with your journal.

    Dimensions: 8 x 11.5 x 1.8 cm (A7)
    * Image not to scale.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for the super-organised.

  • Ostrich Leather Ladies Wallet


    This ostrich leather ladies wallet is a beautiful gift for her. Ostrich leather is in demand due to its unque nature. Ostrich leather has a quill, the most valuable part of its skin, which is much bigger and spread apart than emu follicle. This quill however is only found in a small area of the skin. Ostrich leather is substantially thicker than emu leather, and is very durable.

    This ostrich leather ladies wallet has four compartments, a middle zip pocket, 14 card pockets, a clear plastic ID window, an outside full length pocket and a press stud closure. 

    Dimensions: 19 x 9.5 cm

  • Buffalo Leather Metal Wine...


    A buffalo leather wine chiller for the discerning home entertainer. Fill this stylish wine chiller with ice and keep your white wine cool and ready to serve.

    The metal wine chiller is fitted with leather straps made of buffalo leather, individually handmade using traditional stitching methods. Buffalo leather is extremely tough and durable. The marks on the leather are unique to each piece as leather varies with each individual animal....


  • Buffalo Leather Memory Box


    Store your precious memories in this beautiful buffalo leather memory box. Also handy for storing all your little knick knacks. The memory box has a slot to insert a photo to rekindle a happy memory. Made from buffalo leather, each of these quality storage cases are individually handmade and painstakingly handstitched. As such, no two boxes are the same. Buffalo leather is extremely durable.....

  • Buffalo Leather Watch Box


    This buffalo leather watch box is an elegant gift for a man or woman with an appreciation for the finer things in life, Made of buffalo leather, this watch box is designed to hold 3 watches. The buffalo leather wath box case is handmade using traditional hand stitching methods. You will admire the beautiful stitching painstakingly done to perfection. This watch box is a handy safe storage for your expensive watches when not in use.

    The buffalo leather is very durable. It is flame resistant and will not readily burn which makes it a good storage case for those precious items!...

  • Buffalo Leather Dome...


    This lovely jewellery box is handcrafted from buffalo leather. It is a compact jewellery box that will not take up too much room on your dresser. The buffalo leather is beautiful handstitched, all done by traditional stitching methods. The jewellery box has multiple compartments and slots for rings, so you can organise your jewellery to make it easier to find what you need. This buffalo leather jewellery box also has a mirror on the lid.....