Australian Wildlife

Enjoy the Australian Wildlife, full of beauty rich and rare- prints, wall art and sculptures of beautiful Australian flora and fauna. Be amazed at the Australian wildlife if you are visiting. The Australian wildlife in this great land is like no other.

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  • Australian Framed Print - A...


    A Mother's Quest is a stunning print of an Authentic Australian Painting. This mesmerising limited framed artwork print by Australian artist Leanne White will brighten up your home and look stunning on the wall. Perfect for Mum this Mother's Day - show her how much you appreciate her with a piece of art. Comes framed in a silver or wooden frame.

  • Australian Framed Print -...


    Be captivated by these aerobatic kings of fishing. Dimensions: 340x400mm _ Limited Edition of 250. Comes framed in wooden or silver frame.

  • Australian Framed Print -...


    You'll be mesmerised by this Aerobats in Blue Australian print - by artist Leanne White. Print comes in a silver or wooden frame. Dimensions: 340x400mm - Limited Edition of 250.

    About the Artist: Leanne White grew up in the picturesque rural town of Albany, south Western Australia. This region of Australia has a diverse range of natural flora and fauna unique only to the area.

  • Crystal Kangaroo 60x70mm


    A crystal kangaroo, captured in superb lead crystal. This cast crystal sculpture is beautifully engraved and sandblasted motif of a kangaroo. The crystal sculpture is handcrafted by skilled artisans in Sweden.

    An exclusive gift signed on the bottom of the sculpture by its artist. This kangaroo crystal sculpture is a lovely corporate gift if you're looking for something to symbolise Australia. There is no better way then to use the kangaroo, our great Australian icon, unique only to this country! It's a great Australian souvenir.

    Design Mats Jonasson
    Colour: Clear

    Dimensions: 60mm H x 70 mm W

  • Crystal Koala 110mm


    A beautiful crystal sculpture of a koala. An Australian souvenir that will be treasured. This cast crystal sculpture has an engraved and sandblasted koala motif. The crystal sculpture is beautifully handmade in Sweden.

    Dimensions: 110mm x 110mm



  • Crystal Mini Koala


    This crystal koala may be small but it is a powerful symbol of everything Australian. An iconic, native, symbol of Australia captured in a superb lead crystal sculpturen, this crystal koala is a great Australian corporate gift if conveying an Australian message. What more, the koala is well loved by many and for a gift to that special someone, it truly has great meaning.

    This cast crystal sculpture is beautifully engraved and sandblasted with a motif of a koala. The crystal sculpture is handcrafted by skilled artisans in Sweden.

    Dimensions: 50x75 mm

    Also a great Australian souvenir.

  • Barefoot Koala Soft Toy

    Everyone loves a koala and this koala bear soft toy is no different. With strong and bright colours every child would be delighted to own this koala. These koalas are made by BAREFOOT under the Fair Trade Scheme and each koala is painstakingly handmade. Under the Fair Trade Scheme, the workers have the opportunity to make an honest living and support their families. So when you buy this little ...