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Looking for a stylish jacket? There are suede jackets, fur jackets, long or short, and even oilskin jackets to choose from. Take a look...

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  • Didgeridoonas 3QS Ladies...


    This Didgeridoonas ladies oilskin coat will offer excellent protection from the weather. The coat is made of Australian oilskin and is weatherproof to keep you from getting soaked when you're out braving the elements.

    The coat has a gold-and-brown tartan lining to keep you warm, a high collar to fend off the wind, a full yoke to deflect water, and an overlapping front to seal you in. It has four outer pockets and an internal pocket, with press studs on the collar so you can attach an oilskin hood.



    Waterproof Australian oilskin to keep from getting soaked.
    Gold and brown tartan lining to warm you.
    Four outer pockets and an internal pocket.
    The collar has press studs so you can attach an oilskin hood.
    Jacket closes with two sets of press studs to seal out the wind.

  • Didgeridoonas Ladies...


    This ladies Australian oilskin jacket is great for outdoors. The jacket is smart and stylish, with a leather trimmed collar and zip up front and press studs to protect from the weather. Oilskin is known to be tough and durable. The jacket is functional and has a detachable hood & inside pockets....

  • Ladies Full Length Oilskin...


    This Didgeridoonas ladies full length oilskin coat will help you brave the elements of the Austalian outdoors. The coat is full length, waterproof, and made of Australian oilskin which will shield you from the wind and rain.

    When you’re standing on a cattle station, with the rain pouring down, everything is drenched except you but this Didgeridoonas Franklin full length oilskin coat is going to keep you dry from neck to shin. With its high collar, full yoke, warm tartan lining and overlapping front, you will be well prepared to keep the cold, wind and rain off.

  • Black Parka Jacket


    Keep warm with this attractive PARKA Cotton Jacket with Mink Fur Vest. Made with Raccoon Fur with a Mink Fur Hood, it is a versatile jacket to just throw on when dashing out the door to keep warm on a cold winter's day as it helps you brave the elements. Great for casual wear on a blowy day.

    Available Sizes: body length 86cm, Size S, M, L, XL
    Dry clean only.

  • Pink Parka Jacket


    A cotton jacket with mink fur vest and a racoon fur & mink fur hood. Look gorgeous in pink, for the girl who loves pink and can't get enough of it. This jacket will keep you warm on the colder days to help you brave the elements. Great for a blowy day.

    Measurements: body length 70cm
    Dry Clean Only

  • Fur Coat - Rabbit, Blue


    This fur coat is a waistcoat with 3/4 length sleeves. The fur is dense to keep you warm on a cold winter's day or night. With fur that is full, fluffy, luxurious and soft, it will keep you snug yet looking elegant. 
    Whether it is worn casual or formal, it will look classy and elegant.

    The fur coat is handmade with 100% rabbit fur, using the most delicate hands. The coat is secured with fur hook and eye close.

    Available only in blue.

    Sizes available:
    S: Body Length 41cm, Chest 92cm, Sleeves 43cm
    L: Body Length 43cm, Chest 106cm, Sleeves 45cm

  • Fur Shawl- Rabbit and Raccoon


    A luxurious fur shawl/ cape to keep you warm and snug in the colder months. The fur shawl/ cape is made of rabbit and raccoon fur, with a fur collar to keep the chill off. The fur adds a touch of glamour and elegance when worn over an evening gown.

    The fur shawl/cape is worn loose and comes as a 'one size fits all' in a variety of colours.

  • Fur Coat - Rabbit Fur


    A beautiful fur coat to keep you warm and snug on cold winter days. The fur coat is made of rabbit fur and can be worn as casual or formal wear. Great for evening wear when you need something warmer. The fur adds a touch of elegance.

    Comes in a variety of colours and sizes.

  • Fur Coat - Rabbit and...


    Keep yourself warm and snug with this gorgeous rabbit and raccoon fur coat. The fur coat is made of rabbit fur with a raccoon fur collar and raccoon fur along the bottom edge of the jacket and sleeves. The fur coat also has pockets to keep your hands warm.

    Length 68cm.
    Comes in a variety of colours and sizes.

    Gift suggestion: A great birthday or anniversary gift for her.

  • Fur Coat - Rabbit Fox Fur


    This fur coat is glamourous, elegant, stylish. The fur coat keeps you warm on cold evenings. You will look glamourous with this fur coat worn over your evening gown.

    This coat has a fox fur collar. Available in sizes S-XXL. Length 54cm.

  • Fur Coat - Rabbit Fur Long


    This Rabbit Fur Coat is soft and luxurious, to keep you warm during those cold winter days. Wear it casual or formal, you'll look glamourous with all that fur.

    The fur jacket is available in 'one size fits all' in a variety of colours.

  • Fur Coat - Raccoon Fur Black


    A fur coat that will add to the elegance of any evening wear. The fur coat is made of raccoon fur and will make you feel glamourous on that special night out and keep you warm too!

    The fur coat comes in a variety of sizes.