Beautiful clocks to choose from - cuckoo clocks, mantle clocks, pendulum clocks. You can even personalise the clock with a name or a date to commemorate an occasion.

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  • Mantel Clock - Norman


    This timber mantle clock in a stunning Mahogany finish will look beautiful on a desk, on the mantlepiece or anywhere in the home as a decorative piece. The clock has Roman numerals on its clock face and is made from solid plantation pine. The clock comes backed by a quality guarantee for 24 months.

    Dimensions: 24cm x 23cm

    Gift suggestion: A beautiful gift for the home.

  • Cuckoo Clock WW056


    This cuckoo clock adds warmth to the home. The cuckoo sounds on the hour. The cuckoo clock has a swinging pendulum; cuckoo sounds every hour, then music plays. There is also a light sensor control with automatic night time shut off.

    Size: 29*26*15 cm
    Material: Wood
    Movement: Step/C*3

  • Pendulum Clock - Brushed Oak


    A pendulum clock in a combination of wood and glass. Designed in an oval shape in a brushed oak colourway.

    Size: 59x22x8.5cm
    Colour: Brushed Oak
    Movement: Step/AA*2

  • Fischer Clock Brass 170mm


    Timber diameter 170mm; Clock Face diameter 150mm; Fischer Movement

  • Wall Clock -Mondial World Time


    This "Mondial" Wall Clock is a large world time clock made of glass. With three clock faces, the clock can display three different time zones. The clock is powered by one AA battery and has a step movement.

    Dimensions: Diameter: 50cm (50cm L x 50cm H x 3.6cm W)

    Gift suggestion: A great housewarming gift for one who has family in three different parts of the world. Also a great gift for a business working in three different time zones.

  • Cuckoo Clock WW054


    This cuckoo clock has a pendulum that swings. The cuckoo sounds every hour, then the music plays and the dancers move. The cuckoo clock has a light sensor control and automatic night time shut off. The cuckoo clock also has a sound on/low/off switch. 

    Size: 39*31.8*18 cm
    Material: Wood
    Movement: Step/C*3

  • Pendulum Clock - Walnut


    A pendulum clock deigned with a combination of wood and glass, in a walnut colourway. Suits any home decor.

    Size: 59x22x8.5 cm
    Colour: Walnut
    Movement: Step/AA*2

  • Alarm Clock - Breakfast Time


    This alarm clock will wake you up to breakfast. The alarm clock has a large number display so even without your glasses, you will be able to see the time when you wake up in the morning.

    Size: 10cm
    Material: Metal
    Movement: Sweep/AA*1

  • Musical Clock - Silver


    A musical clock that plays 12 favourite tunes from yesteryears. The musical tunes bring back memories of days gone by and is a great gift for the home. The clock has a quartz Seiko silent sweep movement. It has a volume control and auto switch off for the night. 

    A lovely housewarming gift.

    Dimensions: 44cm x 34cm x 9cm

  • Fischer Clock Brass 220mm


    This stunning timber rimmed Brass Fischer Clock adds a sence of character to a room with its deep marone varnished timber and brass collaboration creating a sence of timeless elegance and charm. The perfect gift fo a house warming or for an office or home to lift its appeal and character. Diameter 220mm; Clock Face Diameter 18mm; Fischer Movement. Made in Germany.

  • Wall Clock - Jungle


    A wall clock that will fit the decor in a home in a tropical setting. The clock is 30cm in diameter, with a silent sweep movement and an analog display.

    Gift suggestion: A great housewarming gift.

  • Musical Clock - Champagne


    A musical wall clock with pendulum that plays 12 tunes. Add a little music to your home with this musical wall clock. The clock has large easy to read numbers.

    Colour: Champagne

    Dimensions: 43 x 35 x 9cm