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  • Nostalgic Sign - Pears Soap


    A nostalgic sign for Pears Soap, a beloved British icon, a brand of soap first produced and sold in the 1800s by Andrew Pears. It brings back fond memories of yesteryears when it became every mum's favourite Pears Soap. You can almost smell that clean fragrance of freshly bathed children.

    This nostalgic sign reads ' The Bath - His turn next!' and will look great as a collection on the wall.

    Dimensions: 40.5 x 28.5 x 0.5 cm 

    Gift suggestion: A beautiful gift for mum 

  • Nostalgic Sign - I'd...


    Nostalgic old fashioned style Pear's Soap sign. Long lasting metal, looks great in your bathroom. Mum will love this gift for Mother's Day. The text reads... I'd forgotten my Pears285 x 405 mm

  • Nostalgic Sign - Cadbury...


    Nostalgic old fashioned style Cadbury chocolates sign. Long lasting metal, looks great in your bathroon or kitchen285 x 405 mm

  • Model Cobb & Co Coach
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    Model Cobb & Co Coach


    This model of the Cobb & Co Coach is a stunning replica of the horse and cart era. The model is made of tin and is beautifully handmade and handpainted to capture the detail of the coach. The model is a lovely piece of home decor for the home with period decor.

    Dimensions: Approx 30x15x24cm

  • Australian Souvenir...


    An Australian Nostalgic Sign featuring a quintessential Australian Brand, Cobb & Co. Own a piece of Australian history and culture.

    Dimensions: 350 x 500mm

    Gift suggestion: A great Australian gift souvenir

  • Australian Nostalgic Sign -...

    This vintage Kelly Gang sign is an Australian cult classic. Whether you are young or old, everbody has heard the legend of the Kelly Gang. Own a piece of Australian Folklore or give a unique gift that will stand out for some time to come.Dimensions: 317mm x 405mm
  • Australian Nostalgic Sign -...


    An Australian Souvenir which captures the history of Ned Kelly, a bandit or a hero, a divided opinion. This Australian tin sign features Ned Kelly and his well known suit of armour that ultimately did not protect him from his fate. A great Australian souvenir for a visitor who is captivated by the Australian history...

  • Nostalgic Sign - Border Collie


    This Nostalgic Sign featuring the Border Collie, is a throwback to a bygone era. It's a vintage sign featuring a typical day on a remote Cattle station, with a typical Australian dog, The Border Collie. The sign highlights the Australian way of life for some. This fascinating piece of history, is a unique gift that is perfect for Fathers day, Birthday's and Anniversaries. Dimensions: 350mm ...

  • Model Tractor


    A model that captures the detail of the old tractor, beautifully finished in green and gold. The model is handmade of tin, as such may vary.

    Dimensions: 35cm

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a farmer or for one who lives in a farming community.

  • Nostalgic Sign - Holden...

    Monaro Catwoman Holden Tin SignDimensions: 317mm x 405mm
  • Nostalgic Sign - Holden...

    Torana SLR 5000 Holden Tin SignDimensions: 317mm x 405mm
  • Nostalgic Sign - Holden...

    This holden Monaro 1968 HK vintage Sign, is made completely from Tin. Perfect for any Motor Entuhsiasts collection, this sign is also a staple of Australian culture. The Holden Monaro has become known as a quint essentially Australian car, and it is celebrated gloriously in this piece. Dimensions: 317mm x 405mm