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  • VW Bluetooth Speaker


    Take full control of your music! This one-of-a-kind bluetooth speaker will blast your music to a range of 10m. Designed as the legendary iconic VW T1 Bus, the speaker is portable which makes it perfect for camping excursions, campfire gatherings or barbecues!

    Easy to connect over bluetooth, the speaker has a range of up to 10 m in an open room which allows you full control of the music to liven up the atmosphere.

    Material Plastic, Size: 19.5 x 7.5 x 8.5 cm (7.7 x 3 x 3.3 inches); (scale 1:20) Output: 2 x 3W (4 Ohm) Bluetooth version: BT 3.0 Battery: Lithium-Ion 500 mAh Connections: Mini USB and 3.5 mm audio input jack USB charging cable and instruction manual included.

    Official VW licensed product.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a teenager or a music lover.

  • Mova Globes-4.5


    The MOVA® Globe calms the mind and body as it rotates in complete silence, at a gentle pace, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and peace.

    The MOVA® Globe relies solely on solar energy and the earth’s magnetic field, requiring no batteries or wires to operate it. When placed on its stand, the MOVA® globe come to life and starts to turn when exposed to natural or artificial light. The MOVA® globe floats at a perfect point of balance between gravitational forces and buoyant forces of the surrounding fluids.

    Choose from different options of MOVA® Globes. Comes with clear acrylic stand.

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for someone who is fascinated by the mysteries of science and forces of nature. A lovely gift for the home.

  • Housewarming Bistro Clock


    A great housewarming gift. This novelty clock is great for the kitchen. To remind all that your 'bistro' is serving snack and meals 24/7. All welcome any time they are hungry.

    Novelty home decor that will complement any home.

    Dimensions 420 x 425 x 60cm

  • Wooden Salad Servers (Huon...


    These wooden salad servers are the ultimate utensil for mixing and serving when you don't want to use your hands! The wooden salad servers are made of Huon Pine and are the absolute piece of Australian woodcraft. The Hasa Hand Salad Servers is the quintessential Australian gift.

    Dimensions: 150mm x 100mm (boxed) 
    Note: As this is a natural wood product, each with a different wood grain, no two platters are the same and will vary from image shown.

    Price is for one set of Hasa Hands (2 Hands)

    Gift Suggestion: Housewarming gift or 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift as wood is symbolic of a strong solid marriage.

  • Chocolate Hamper - Big Daddy


    A chocolate hamper for the chocolate lover. It's the Big Daddy of all boxed chocolate gift hampers. Filled with more than 1kg of chocolate, you have to be man enough to feast on all of these yourself! So feed a party of guests, the whole office or your social club, (or just indulge yourself!) It's a chocolate bar feast for many. A great gift for a chocoholic - it'll definitely be a melting moment when this chocolate arrives! Included is a complimentary gift card.

    Height: Approx. 35cm

    *During the warmer times of year, this chocolate bouquet is delivered in a heat-resistant box to ensure the product arrives in its best possible condition.

    Gift suggestion: A great chocolate hamper for a chocoholic.

  • Personalised 3D Movie -...


    This DVD movie takes personalised gifts to the next level! With just a photo anyone can star in their own adventure! We transform your child or loved one into an adventure hero in full colour 3-D animation. Best of all, this personalised DVD's make treasured gifts for the whole family. The Incredible Adventures of 'Amazing Kid'. THIS IS A GREAT, FUN GIFT FOR BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS!

  • Model Tractor


    A model that captures the detail of the old tractor, beautifully finished in green and gold. The model is handmade of tin, as such may vary.

    Dimensions: 35cm

    Gift suggestion: A great gift for a farmer or for one who lives in a farming community.

  • Nostalgic Sign - Holden...

    1948 FX Holden Tin SignDimensions: 317mm x 405mm
  • Soccer Cufflinks


    High quality rhodium plated novelty cufflinks. Presented in a black hinged snake-skin leatherette jewellery / cufflinks box.

  • Trinket Box - Alice in...


    Chershire Cat Hidden Treasure - the trinket box is hand cast in pewter, then painted with vibrant enamels and finally embellished with Austrian crystals. True to their name, concealed inside every one is either a perfectly matching surprise! Alice in Wonderland Hidden Treasures make a great gift for someone who love the book or film - Collect them all! Includes: - A trinket box- A matching pend...

  • Trinket Box - The Wizard of...


    The Wizard of Oz Dorothy Hidden Treasure trinket box is hand cast in pewter, then painted with vibrant enamels and finally embellished with Austrian crystals. True to their name, concealed inside every one is either a perfectly matching surprise! This Wizard of Oz Hidden Treasures trinket box makes a great gift for someone who loves the film Wizard of Oz or the book. Add this to your collection...

  • WOWeeONE Speaker Classic


    The WOWee ONE is a revolution in sound.This unique WOWee ONE portable speaker turns any surface you put it on into a speaker, with a 20 hour battery life in comparison to most portable speakers that have a 3-5 hour battery life. The WOWee is only the size of an iphone. Turning any surface into a speaker, you'll discover new and inovatve ways to experience music. This WOWee ONE CLASSIC is a c...